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1 ] Head of Department: Strategy Office - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :The role will be responsible to develop and implement tools, methodologies and models for sound strategy development and analysis as well as serve as a think tank for organisational strategy process including planning, advising, monitoring and evaluation of the institutional performance of SITA to ensure continuous improvement in organizational efficiency . Key Responsibility Areas Conceptualise strategy development and management tools, methodologies and models. Manage strategy development pro
14 Aug 2020
2 ] Corporate & Digital Strategy - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :To lead the formulation, communication and execution of SITA’s corporate and digital strategy that aligns to the objectives of the shareholder and government priorities. The incumbent will also lead the overall digital transformation, adoption of digital technologies architecture and digital customer experiences across SITA business. The incumbent will also oversee the overall corporate digital marketing, communication and enterprise program management. Key Responsibility Areas ? Oversee the for
31 Jul 2020
3 ] Head of Department: Strategic Stakeholder Manageme - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :To establish and manage SITA’s external strategic relationships with the industry and all relevant stakeholders to ensure that their expectations are appropriately managed. Key Responsibility Areas ? To develop and implement an integrated stakeholder relationship management strategy that is aligned to the overall SITA strategy; ? Build and maintain strategic relationships; ? Establish stakeholder relations forums; ? Develop an integrated stakeholder management strategy in order to ensure complia
22 Jul 2020
4 ] Head of Department: Hosting Services - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :To lead and monitor the provision of hosting services to SITA and its clients by ensuring the effective management of data centres and provision of all required technical support in order to ensure and restore business continuity. Ensure the effective operation in the traditional hosting and cloud services where both include Technology, strategy and planning in hosting services and data centres. Key Responsibility Areas ? Lead the development of Hosting operations Strategy that is aligned to the
05 Jun 2020
5 ] Lead Data Architect - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :To manage and execute data architecture programs/projects/activities successfully, in order to ensure quality architecture that is fit-for-purpose, in accordance with ICT standards and the enterprise architecture for Government. Key Responsibility Areas ? Develop, maintain, implement and evaluate data architecture principles and governance mechanisms and monitor the adherence thereto so as to deliver quality products in a controlled environment; ? Manage and execute the data architecture progra
27 May 2020
6 ] Lead Consultant: Solution Architect - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :To perform the solution analysis and architecture in order to design, develop /procure, package, release and maintain/enhance government solutions, in accordance with ICT standards and the enterprise architecture for Government. This includes the analysis and design required for the development of enterprise Solution Architecture and the integration thereof with the other applicable Enterprise Architecture domains (Information Architecture, Application Architecture, and Technology Architecture).
27 May 2020
7 ] Commodity Manager: Professional Services & Travel - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :Execute category and commodity specific strategies for Professional Services & Travel with emphasis on leveraging economies of scale whilst managing total costs of ownership to achieve cost, operational and transformational objectives, within prescribed governance frameworks. Key Responsibility Areas ? Manage and execute commodity sourcing strategies, processes and administration activities for Professional Services & Travel , in order to deliver fast and efficient tender turnaround times as we
20 May 2020
8 ] Head of Department Innovation and Research - Erasmuskloof, Gauteng
Employer :SITA
Description :To produce innovative solutions and products to respond to government service delivery challenges so that appropriate solutions can be created. Key Responsibility Areas ? Provide inputs into the development and oversee the implementation of the Innovation and Research Strategies and operational plans that are aligned to government digital strategy to ensure development of innovative solutions for SITA clients; ? Implement and coordinate Innovation Strategy; procedures and methods to ensure adhe
20 May 2020
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